20150515_152959_resizedThis is a story of silly putty, a small inflatable ball and a flex band.  These little ditties are cheap, easy to stash at your work station and handy little fitness objects. Two of the three you can use without anyone knowing in case you want to be stealth about the whole thing. The use of the flex band, however, is not so easy to hide. But I say be loud and proud of your creative fitness initiatives. You could inspire a whole movement!

I have had this fantasy of all the desk workers of
American rising up at noon to stretch with their flex bands.  Why not?

  1. Silly Putty.  I have this habit of wanting to crunch and munch on stuff while writing and reading at the desk. If not that, my hands are on my face/chin – not good for the complexion.  I had some silly putty around so started playing with it. Soon my fingers were really getting into it  — stretching, squishing and popping the bubbles (almost as satisfying as bubble wrap) I realized wow what a great hand/finger strengthener!  It’s a great way to de-stress, too.
  2. Small Inflatable Rubber Ball. Hello inner thighs!  I got this idea from my new recent lunch time activity – swimming and squeezing a small buoyant board so I can work only my arms. The next day I could totally feel my inner thighs. It wasn’t hard to do but holding the board with sustained effort for 10-minutes+ and voila. You can do the same. Gently squeeze a small rubber ball — just enough to hold it there will make your thighs happy.  Check out these balls and you can get some for you office pals.
  3. Flex band.  Get up, stand up, stand up for your right to stretch! Flex bands offer many, many fitness opportunities. To counter balance all that sitting, hold it behind you with your hands together and pull it apart. Hold the band above your head pull it apart and stretch side to side. I’m sure your body will make suggestions too — follow your innate wisdom. Different colors offer different resistance levels.  Power-systems is a fun place to shop for bands.

So there you have it. Three easy ways to fit a little fitness while at your desk.  For more ideas on fitting exercise into your day, click here.


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