Brings a Positive Spirit to the Product and the Company

“JoAnn consistently comes up with creative story angles on established as well as trending health and medical subjects. She provides readers with useful information in a conversational style that breaks down complex subjects into easily understood language. JoAnn encourages readers to maximize their quality of life with plenty of action-oriented ideas and strategies. Her attention to details, deadlines, and ideas for new products and better workflow efficiency have made her an outstanding asset to Belvoir Media Group.”
Jay Roland, Group Director at Belvoir Media Group

Cares about Projects, Takes Initiative 

“JoAnn stepped onto our team and jumped right in, working hard to learn how we work together and how to use our complex content management system. Working with her stakeholders, she rewrote and improved content all throughout the process. She is a delight to work with, and the stakeholders who had her time and care on their projects benefited from her project management skills and her initiative.”
Jennifer Mesenbrink, Senior Manager, Digital and Social Content Strategy at Motorola Solutions

Concise Copy with Flair

“JoAnn’s skill as a copy editor makes our copy more concise and understandable, and lends that extra “flair” to our marketing materials. Her thorough, detail oriented approach to the materials, as well as her timeliness in turning requests around quickly are always appreciated!” Sherry Bondi, Project Manager, Motorola Mobility

 Great Results, On Time, Creative

“JoAnn is a gifted writer: smart, fast, and skilled writing in many formats. We have tossed her into the deep end of the pool more than once and she always comes up swimming. She knows how videos, web, and print pieces each fit into an overall plan, the strengths and weaknesses of each, and how they work best together.” Roger Brown, Trillium Productions

Exceeded Expectations

“I have worked with JoAnn in several instances and have found that she is a model of professionalism and delivers consistently high quality deliverables. I know her in the capacity of a Creative resource and Writer, In both both cases she has hit and exceeded expectations. In addition to her quality work, she behaves extremely well in team environments and brings a positive “can do” attitude that is infectious and positively impacts the entire team. I recommend her highly in the areas of creative support and writing.”  Sandy Sites, former, VP. Director. Global Practice Leader. Jack Morton Experiential Training., Jack Morton Worldwide

Skillful Planning, Excellent Follow-up

“As a professional colleague I can speak to JoAnn’s top-notch professional skills in the areas of writing and communication services. She has excellent organizational skills; she applies skillful foresight and planning to client projects and is excellent on follow-up with clients. She’s a highly ethical businesswoman who has the communication skills to bring clarity to her client’s complex projects while her creative writing skills infuse projects with a unique character.” Rebecca Adler, Instructional Designer

Personal, Expert, Creative

“I am amazed at the totally personalized routine she has devised for me, taking into consideration my particular needs and limitations. After a session I feel completely relaxed, energized and “loose”. She is patient, vastly knowledgeable and supportive. She is encouraging and non-judgmental. She knows and understands the human body with the precision of a doctor. I trust her suggestions completely and working with her is a dialogue making sure I am comfortable and that no injuries will occur. Having a Pilates session with her is a great gift to myself ! I recommend her to anyone who wants to exercise and also feel totally “taken care of”.”  Victoria Manning, MSW LCSW