Sitting is Bad for Your Health

By now you’ve probably heard how bad sitting all day long can be for you. As a Pilates instructor I see it people’s posture.  As a writer I feel in it my own. Mouse shoulder. Neck strain from looking down. And yet it can be hard to simply stand up and stretch every once in awhile because we want to get it all done – now.

But sitting has been linked to a lot more than bad posture and cranky attitude. Cancer. High Blood Pressure. Cardiovascular disease.  The Washington Post details it well in this infographic and article.

the health hazards of sitting

Look Better, Feel Better, Live Longer.

Go for 30-60 minutes of exercise daily. Do a walking lunch meeting, keep a workout bag handy for a quick dash to the gym, bike around the neighborhood. A mere ten minutes three times a day will make a difference in energy (you’ll have more of it) and less stress too. For more inspiration try something new like ballroom dance or hire a personal trainer for motivation. Try a Pilates session to balance out your body and efficiently stretch and strengthen at the same time.

While at work, grab a flex band to to stretch out. It feels great to just pull on something and flex bands are light and easy to keep handy. Use it to stretch and de-stress with Pilates focused breathing.

I have a fantasy that every day at noon workers all across America will stand up and stretch with a flex band. Let’s start that trend. Let it spread like a wave across your office whether your’re at home or in a cubicle. The simple act of moving around just might stretch out your life and make it a higher quality of life too.

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