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JoAnn Milivojevic became the executive editor of UCLA Healthy Years in 2015, a consumer-focused subscription-based newsletter developed for the UCLA Division of Geriatrics. The monthly publication reaches more than 60,000 subscribers nationwide and more online at its home website, University Health News.  JoAnn’s articles feature some of America’s most preeminent and passionate scientists, researchers, physicians, and other medical experts from UCLA and major medical centers nationwide. In addition to her leadership on Healthy Years, she also manages and edits the work of several authors of Belvoir Special Reports.  Topics include skin care, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, eating well and exercise.

JoAnn is the author of 10 Activities for Fun and Fitness, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Back Pain, and a contributing editor to The Essential Guide for Healthy and Healing Foods, and Eat Well and Exercise. Her articles have appeared in numerous publications including the Chicago Tribune, Boston Herald, Baylor Innovations, Massage Therapy Journal and Saveur magazine. She was a blogger for the Chronic Disease Fund and a food/restaurant columnist for Chicago’s Conscious Choice magazine. JoAnn also has covered adventure travel for such publications Caribbean Travel & Life, Fodor’s Caribbean,and Rough Guides. Today, she specializes in aging well, geriatrics, nutrition, fitness, orthopedics, and mental health. Peruse her work below.

Health/Medical Consumer

UCLA Healthy Years

A satisfying love life is ageless. Here is how you can get what you need and please your partner, too. 

Do you really need supplements? 

Boost your memory and stimulate your brain

Getting real about alcohol use and abuse ( see pg. 3)
Is that lump on your throat cancer?
Holiday meal make-overs, delicious!
Worried about “senior moments”? Discern what’s normal and what may not be.
Immunotherapy: cancer’s newest enemy
Leaky gut implicated in autoimmune disorders
Diagnosis prediabetes: a warning and an opportunity
Pilates machines foster flexibility and strength
How the opioid crisis affects older adults 
Helping your heart helps your brain
Gender differences in cardiac care
Don’t act your age

Chronic Disease Fund
Can smart, wearable medical technology revolutionize chronic care?
Less Craving, More Weightloss
Newly FDA approved implanted device reduces visits for heart patients
Do you have a bleeding disorder? Many women are unaware
How statins can thwart exercise

Baylor Innovations:
Top Health Concerns
Medical Avatars Ease Youth Depression
LifeShock: How internal defibrillators save lives
Can simple saliva tests replace blood and urine tests?
Reach your goals with these self control secrets
How touch can heal your life

Massage Therapy Journal
How to spring clean naturally with products in your house now
Want slow down the aging process? Eat these berries
Massage therapists help war vets heal 

Random travel, food, fitness
How to make palacinke, a culinary adventure with the Serbian Sisters Circle of St Sava
Which Caribbean island should you choose?  Discover the cultural differences
Where to eat in Chicago: a snapshot culinary guide 
My Food column: The Healthy Dish
Meet Internationally famed Cayman Sculptor Horacio Esteban
How to get real core power now

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